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For tutorials on how to use VoiceModel and to learn the concepts behind the architecture go to this blog This blog provides information on how to develop, test and deploy voice and speech applications that are developed using ASP.Net MVC, Razor and C#.

VS 2012 solutions that contain sample applications and the VoiceModel reusable components can be found on the Source Code page under the Examples directory off of the root.

To install VoiceModel with NuGet just create an Empty MVC 4 project. Remove the Global.asax file and remove App_Start\RouteConfig.cs file. Right click on References, select "Manage NuGet Packages...", and search for VoiceModel. Select the VoiceModel package and install. When installation is complete you will have a running "Hello World" example that will run on any VoiceXML compatible IVR and Tropo.

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